Sharman Associates specialise in consultancy services in the energy sector.

We are conversant with both renewable & conventional energy. We have wide experience in wind, solar, hydro, storage, biofuels, upstream oil & gas, high voltage grid, and associated consumers and logistics & supply chains.

We offer a range of engineering services across the normal engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, software) from basic building blocks through conceptual & detail design, operation, and trouble shooting. This includes technical audits and investigations at any stage of a project or plant’s lifecycle, including consideration of human and contextual factors such as safety or environmental issues and local supply chain limitations. We are equally comfortable working at a high level or in focussing on critical details.

We offer through life economic analysis. This can range from pre-acquisition project screening and due diligence through to variance investigation, and advice on disposals or other strategic options including managing long and short term energy transitions and adoption dynamics. These can be purely economic in nature, or can take into account non-financial aspects such as environmental and legislative issues.

We also offer expert witness services relating to wind turbines, and to hybrid energy systems (e.g. fuel cell + wind + storage + solar, etc) at all scales from kW to GW.

Calling upon our network of consultants we can offer services worldwide.

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